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I am an immensely imaginative dreamer, storyteller, and artist. I use my abilities in film, animation, and illustration through which I create new worlds, new characters, and new realities to bring my imagination to life.

Fun with Fog and Filters


The new matte-box came in fully loaded with filters, then the fog rolled in at night and I had no choice but to run out to the cemetery for a photography session. These are all done in camera with no post and most exposures somewhere between 10 and 32 seconds. Enjoy the following experimentation:

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0137

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0143

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0146

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0150

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0159

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0160

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0168

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0174

Cemetery fog shoot_IMG_0177