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I am an immensely imaginative dreamer, storyteller, and artist. I use my abilities in film, animation, and illustration through which I create new worlds, new characters, and new realities to bring my imagination to life.

Flying Through Jupiter


A flight around a thunderstorm during sunset that looked like flying through the atmosphere of Jupiter resulted in missing a connecting flight and spending the night in North Carolina. It also resulted in some of the most dramatic clouds I have ever witnessed.

Jupier sky_IMG_0031

Jupier sky_IMG_0059

Jupier sky_IMG_0077

Jupier sky_IMG_0108

Jupier sky_IMG_0110

Jupier sky_IMG_0206

Jupier sky_IMG_0216

Jupier sky_IMG_0217

Jupier sky_IMG_0218

Jupier sky_IMG_0221


Moon Tests


I’m preparing for a really difficult but awesome shoot, but this one will not be easy. These tests are helping define the process and getting some great lunar (and a sunset ;p) photography at the same time.




night foliage_IMG_0175